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Ugly America

This week on the NOW site, I catch up with fellow Ryersonian Jason Jones — we were there at the same time, just a building away from each other — about his convulsively funny TBS comedy The Detour, which just launched its third season up here on the Comedy Network.

Have you seen the show? You probably haven’t seen the show. You should see the show. It’s kind of amazing, what he’s doing.

Also, I’m all over the audioscape this weekend: You can hear me discussing Oscar’s apparent embrace of horror — or at least genre — on CBC’s Day 6,  and on the indie side, Rad asked me to be the first guest on his brand new podcast, which he has yet to officially name. We talked about the Oscars too.

Ah, it’s the weekend. Listen to everything!

Expert Witness

As part of the Canada 150 cultural thing, CBC has a summer series, The Filmmakers, in which Johanna Schneller celebrates Canadian cinema by picking a film from the canon every Saturday night and screening it along with an interview with the director and a panel discussion.

It’s been pretty good so far, and tonight’s episode is especially great, if I do say so myself, spotlighting Don McKellar’s Last Night — a film too often overlooked in conversations about our national cinema, but one which says more about our country’s identity and attitude than anyone initially realized.

It’s the quintessential Toronto movie — we proved that at NOW with science! — and I was delighted to be invited onto tonight’s panel along with Sook-Yin Lee and Bob Martin to discuss it.

The producers also asked me to write this week’s essay, which you can read right here — I’m really happy with the way it turned out, too. You’ll also find my panel there, should you want to watch it in advance of the movie. But really, watch it in HD tonight so you can see precisely how bald I am. The photo doesn’t do it justice.