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Reality Comes Crashing In

So, a couple of things happened yesterday.

First, Hot Docs held its launch conference and rolled out this year’s program, which looks to be a good one; I wrote about it for the NOW website.

And while we were all sitting comfortably in the Bloor, the news broke that Rob Ford had died — surprising no one, but opening the floodgates for polished memorials and some blatant rewriting of history. I wrote something about his real legacy for NOW, which you might want to read if you’re not already topped up on this stuff.


Hey, look! A rare Wednesday post! Just offering links to a couple of things that went by pretty quickly on my Twitter feed.

First of all, an old friend of mine asked me to discuss celebrity culture and the Oscars over at her website — which also sets up my own piece on the pointlessness of the Academy Awards in tomorrow’s paper.

And over at said paper’s website, I wrote a consideration of Paul Rust and Gillian Jacobs’ new Netflix series Love — a strange hybrid beast that is filled with comedic talent but not exactly a comedy, and all the better for it.

Check ’em out. Food for thought, and all that.

They Should Have Sent a Poet

Andrew-CThis week’s Someone Else’s Movie is up, featuring Sleeping Giant writer/director Andrew Cividino on Robert Zemeckis’ 1997 sci-fi epic Contact.

It’s a tricky choice, because hardly anyone remembers that picture for what it actually is — they just giggle about Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey in bed, or that moment where Jake Busey’s teeth become sentient and blow up the thing, or the weird wubbliness of the climax. But there’s some interesting stuff in it, and what it retroactively reveals about the future of Zemeckis’ career is really intriguing, and we talked about all of that.

So come and listen! You can find it on iTunes and Stitcher, or download it straight from the source.

Also, fun fact: Both Andrew and Alan Zweig recorded their SEMcasts in the week before TIFF, and both of them wound up winning major prizes at the festival. I’m not saying the podcast guarantees fortune and glory, but I’m not not saying it, if you know what I mean.

Also also: I’m doing the Pop Culture Panel on Q this morning, discussing Trevor Noah’s first Daily Show and a few other things. If you’re curious, tune in (or listen online) at 10 am! And if you missed it, I’ll link to the segment as soon as it’s posted to the web.