For Art’s Sake

This week’s episode of Someone Else’s Movie was a delight to put together for a number of reasons — for one thing, Dexter loved Jason Connery so much that he wouldn’t leave his side, ultimately falling asleep on him and snoring audibly through a chunk of the episode. (It’s not that distracting, I hope.)

But more than that, Jason’s choice — Tommy Wiseau’s infamously confounding cri de coeur The Room — led to a really compelling conversation about art and trash, intention and execution, and all sorts of other stuff that only comes up when people dig seriously into the nature of art. I had a great time on this one, and I think you will too.

So here’s the deal: Subscribe on iTunesGoogle Play Music oStitcher, or download the episode directly from the newly revamped show site. I hope you enjoy it more than those poor people in the flower shop enjoyed Johnny’s drop-in.

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