Into The Wasteland

It’s a quiet week at the megaplex, thanks to the Super Bowl.

The Group of Seven Guitar Project: Glenn was not terribly impressed by this concept-art documentary, which is about the thing in the title and little else.

Let There Be Light: Kevin Sorbo’s latest faith-based drama was not screened for the press. I can’t imagine why. (UPDATE: Apparently it was moved to February 9th, there are review links available and nobody tells me anything.)

Winchester: Helen Mirren in a horror movie from the guys who made Undead and Daybreakers? Sign me up! Never mind that they also made Jigsaw, and that this wasn’t screened in advance either, I’m seeing it this afternoon and y’all can’t stop me.

In the meantime, you can read my reviews of two episodic offerings that dropped today: Netflix’ tech-noir colossus Altered Carbon and CBC’s family comedy Crawford. Neither of them is essential viewing, but what is these days?

(Trick question. The answer is Mosaic.)

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