L.A. After Dark

This week on Someone Else’s Movie, we’re back in London to talk to screenwriter and author Mike Carey, a fellow who appreciates the value of a deep dive into a well-constructed environment, having written both the book and film versions of the ingenious zombie picture The Girl with All the Gifts.

Mike picked L.A. Confidential, marking the second time this year someone’s brought a Curtis Hanson picture onto the show. And it’s a very good conversation, touching on casting, tone, texture, the film’s fumbled theatrical release and subsequent critical canonification. Plus we talk about comic books a little. That’s his thing.

You know how to hear it: Subscribe on iTunesGoogle Play oStitcher, or download the episode straight from the show site. And if you missed The Girl with All the Gifts during its brief theatrical run, it’s now available on demand and coming to Blu-ray and DVD next week. Don’t miss out. It’s terrific.


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