Now It’s On

This is my 30th go-round at the Toronto International Film Festival as a member of the press, and if you think that sounds impressive … well, you just haven’t been doing it long enough. It’s exhausting, is what it is.

Anyway, I’ll be spending the next eleven days watching as many movies as my brain can accommodate, and you can find my reviews right here, along with the rest of the NOW team’s. And here is another list of movies I’m excited about, this one focused on genre entries, which means The Shape of Water and nine movies that aren’t The Shape of Water.

Oh, and check out this year’s TIFF cover story, which is Rad’s really terrific look at the making of the Alias Grace miniseries, and what it means to the people involved. He’s been killing himself on this, and it came out great. Take your time with it.

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