Stage, Fright

This week’s episode of Someone Else’s Movie was recorded high over London, and it’s a goodie: None other than Reece Shearsmith -tackles the voluptuous horrors of Douglas Hickox’ Theatre of Blood, in which Vincent Price plays a Shakespearean actor who’ll stop at nothing to avenge himself upon the critics who failed to recognize his genius.

The choice provides ripe ground for a conversation on all manner of creative pursuits, and the irony that an actor and a critic are sitting down together to discuss a work about actors and critics was not lost on either of us. Also, I’m in awe of Shearsmith’s talents  (like friend of the show Alice Lowe, he’s a comic with a distinctive voice who’s been part of a lot of things I love, including the cinema of Edgar Wright and Ben Wheatley) and it was just plain delightful to be in a room with him.

So give it a listen, then! It’s available on iTunesGoogle Play oStitcher, or downloadable directly from the show site. Go get it, and enjoy.

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