Up in the Air

I’m flying to Calgary for a thing today, but there are still movies opening and you will be wanting to know about them and here we go.

American Made: Tom Cruise and Doug Liman trade the near-future of Edge of Tomorrow for the recent past with a tale of high-flying Iran-Contra hijinx that is not quite as good as it would like to be. But Cruise is great.

Do Donkeys Act?: David Redmon and Ashley Sabin’s look at donkey sanctuaries — with poetic narration read by Willem Dafoe — is a different sort of documentary, and a really lovely one.

Don’t Talk to Irene: Pat Mills’ high-school misfit comedy is a modest charmer, particularly if you’ve already accepted Geena Davis into your heart. Trust me.

Flatliners: Sequel? Remake? Seemake? Requel? I don’t know, because they didn’t screen it in advance. Such is the mystery of Flatliners 2017.

The Midwife: Martin Provost’s new drama — starring Catherine Deneuve, Catherine Frot and Olivier Gourmet — was dropped into the release calendar at the last minute. I hope it’s good.

Victoria and Abdul: Glenn has mixed feelings about Stephen Frears’ period drama, which allows Judi Dench to play Queen Victoria once again but doesn’t exactly engage with its potentially loaded subject matter.

White Night: A handful of people wander around Nuit Blanche in this pleasant microbudget affair from five promising Toronto directors. (The location stuff doesn’t work, but the characters do.)

Woodshock: Kirsten Dunst trips hard in the first feature from fashion designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy. Also unavailable for preview, but I’d still wager it’s better than Flatliners.

Okay, that’s everything. Check back tomorrow for cool Wynonna Earp stuff, if I can make the link work! 

UPDATE: I could not make it work.

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